Testimonial – 08-18-2017

Thanks again for donating the tickets! It was a successful event! The winner of the tickets is Roberto whom I have copied above.  Please connect with him and thanks again!

– Petra


Testimonial – 08-17-2017

Along with the T-shirts we received, they look great,  can you also do a box of business envelopes and cards please.
Also wondered if you have an approximate ETA for me on both-
Hopefully you have received our last cheque now—and put all items on the next invoice please.

– Nancy

Testimonial – 07-28-2017

Yes I was notified by our warehouse staff that the delivery was received by Kashi yesterday.
The boxes are still in the warehouse and they will bring them up time permitting sometime today as they were super busy with deliveries yesterday.
Please forward me the invoice so I can get it approved for payment.
Thx again for all your assistance.

– Dosi

Testimonial – 07-07-2017

Thanks for following up.
Also shared a couple cards with my colleagues running the other divisions and the head of our group.
Next opportunity for swag I will push them your way.
It’s very nice to see that there are still dedicated sales people who take risks and walk into unknown territory to make connections!
Keep that up!

– Lexi