Testimonial – 11-30-2017

This is wonderful. My life has just become easier. I don’t need to go looking for promotional items of vendors. I will forward your contact information to my colleagues at the city and one that is external

– Oma

Testimonial – 10-27-2017

Thanks for Coming in, dropping off the samples and showing Maria the drinkware.  We will need 550 of the wine glasses and I am looking through the samples and will let you know which hats, jackets we would like to order after the weekend.  Thanks again!

– Carm

Testimonial – 10-11-2017

Everything looks Excellent! If you can deliver to Room C208. I will be able to receive and deliver to the guys.  Thanks again on such short notice.

– Dan

Testimonial – 09-29-2017

I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to follow up as we are looking to place an order for a bunch of our t-shirts again. I will probably have a set count by end of next week! Looking like 4000-6000. 
Thought I would give you a heads up.

– Jasmine

Testimonial – 09-28-2017

Thanks again for this!  Do you know if they will be sent over by next week?  I have a trade show to go to on Sept 28th and I’d love to feature your pens as the giveaway for my table.  I think they will go over very well!

– Dan

Testimonial – 09-24-2017

Hi Peter, Send me your phone number I have a friend who needs 500 jackets and Craig wants to know if your available to meet at Davis Campus tomorrow?

– Mike

Testimonial – 08-31-2017

The art looks good and the colours look good. Make all colour the way the proof is please. 7 inches will be fine.

Thank you Peter, you are a design gem.

– Danny